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OSREN (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd was established in 1999 by the current Managing Director, Mr. T.Y Heng. Prior to venturing into the auto detailing industry, the company specializes in eco-friendly industrial hand cleaners.

The company’s very first product was the OSREN Super Strength Industrial Hand Gel. Backed by the success of this product, the company diversified its business and gradually ventured into the auto detailing industry.

Over a decade of research, development and continuous support from the industry, OSREN has developed into an auto detailing brand which offers a full line of paint surface preparation and protection products such as compounds, polishes, glazes. waxes, sealants, as well as specialized automotive cleaners, degreasers, interior care, auto detailing tools and accessories.

OSREN is currently being distributed throughout East and West Malaysia, China, Taiwan and Thailand.


At OSREN, we constantly strive to bring out the best shine possible from your ride to life! We develop high quality and innovative products that add value to the profitability of our customer and to meet the standards of the ever changing auto detailing market.

Our sales and technical team are dedicated to offer you the best service in terms of efficiency, value and technical knowledge in auto detailing.

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