Porsche Frenzy Night

On the 14th of July, We were hired by The Ritz Carlton Hotel, Kuala Lumpur to clean up their customer’s car which just got back from a race at the Sepang F1 Circuit. I got a call in the morning by their manager saying they need it done at night. It’s a good thing that we were free and we took up the job.

Owh did I mention there were 9 Porsches to be cleaned?

Yup so we went down to Ritz Carlton Hotel that evening to clean em up!

We reached the Hotel at about 7pm.

Gentlemen, start your engines!

We began by hosing down the loose dirt.

And then cleaning the car, with Lake Country’s Big Blue wash sponge.

We cleaned up the rims as well.

Look at the amount of break dust that we cleaned off!!

Featuring to you, The Fantastic Four!

We used:
(From left to right)
1. Tire Shine LV to dress the Tires,
2. Bubble and Wax Shampoo for the body,
3. Glass Cleaner for the windows and windscreen and
4. Degreaser FX for the Rims.

We used two buckets to clean the car (Grit Guard used in the water bucket to the left)

Grit Guard is something you put in the bucket of water, so when you rinse your wash sponge in that bucket, the dirt gets trap beneath it. This greatly reduces dirt particles and sand transferring back to the car causing scratches. It’s tested and proven that using the Grit Guard is the easier way to a scratch free wash.

Half way through the wash…….

Look who came to join our party.

We continued throughout the evening and moved from one Porsche to another.

We wrapped up at about 11pm. The four of us took an average of half an hour on each car to get the best out of it.

Here’s the full line up of Porsche we did that night.

Thank you for reading and thank you Ritz Carlton!

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