Paint Cleaning – The vital maintenance after paint correction

Here’s a scenario you can relate: You spent countless hours detailing your car that’s been corrected to near perfection, with no visible swirls or even the slightest imperfection on the paint; You are confident that your car shines best in your neighbourhood. Your neighbour uncle who spends 2 hours cleaning and waxing his car every Saturday? He’s got nothing on producing the level of shine as you do.

Fast-forward months down the road, it looks different. The paint feels gritty and looks slightly dull again despite religiously practicing weekly washes and regular waxing. What went wrong? You’ve done everything right by the book. Yet, you dread spending long-hours or money correcting your paint again to bring out the shine you once had. 

Wish to restore shine without correcting your paintwork? Paint cleaning is the answer.

Cars are subjected to weather conditions. That means pollution, fall outs and contaminants are unavoidable, and much to our disappointment, some will in the course of time, bond to our paintwork despite weekly washes and frequent waxing. 

Claying and topping up LSPs may help to remove above-surface contaminants and restore shine. Inevitably, it also produces some light clay marring, the wash marring accumulated from frequent agitation will also show on your paint eventually. 

This void that doesn’t get highlighted much in detailing, is meant to be filled by performing paint cleaning.

Paint cleaning helps to remove below-surface contaminants, unwashable stubborn stains and eliminate light wash marring on paint. Best of all, it doesn’t take much to deep-clean your paint. It should only take the same amount of time to wax your car.

Paint correction requires more time for the abrasive to remove clear-coat, whereas paint cleaning only needs the cleaning solvent to deep-clean the paint.

Paint cleaner should be in every detailer’s arsenal for in-between paint correction jobs and as part of regular maintenance.

In our home cleaning routines, there are chores that are done in a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. Paint cleaning is the equivalent of a quarterly cleaning job every detailer should practice.

Here’s a simplified sheet of detailing routine that we recommend:

Regular usage of paint cleaning would also deter water spots from further crystallizing and etching onto the paintwork. Severe waterspots are results of acidic particles etching and mineral deposits forming on the paintwork. Paint cleaner helps to remove impurities that no cleaning and claying would; It keeps your paint clean down to the pores and prevents such formation from taking place.

Encounter stubborn tree sap/bee poo or contaminants on your paintwork? Remove it via performing paint cleaning! No scratch approach!
Got a light coloured car that doesn’t look light or dull? Paint Cleaner is your best friend!

OSREN’s Paint Restorer 51 is our paint cleaner that deep cleans and restores shine to the paint.

Paint Restorer 51 also doubles as a quick approach to a one-step detailing solution. It can be paired with our Nano Blue wool to remove moderate swirls on paintwork. If you are in a hurry and simply don’t have 8 hours for a full paint correctional job, this can be a speed detailing approach for a better-looking car.

It’s not a replacement for a dedicated paint correction abrasive, but the results are impressive even on trained eyes. 

Paint Restorer 51 can be used frequently unlike dedicated paint correctional abrasive and it is mainly formulated to remove impurities and contaminants rather than removal of clear coat. 

It also contains wax that doubles up the shine you may produce on your paintwork and increase slickness to reduce marring that possibly caused by agitation. For best result, we recommend using a dedicated spray sealant to enhance the paintwork even further.

We hope this blog would help to shed some light on the importance of paint cleaning as part of maintaining your ride in-between the next paint correction job required for proper car care.

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