How OSREN Detailing Training Can Help Grow Your Business

Professional Detailing Workshop

In order for a business to grow, there is nothing more important than hiring and developing people. When people grow, the company grow collectively as well.

Venturing into the detailing business, perhaps one of the most distressing part is to allocate time and resources to train your staffs. Well, the good news is at OSREN, we organise detailing training to bring things up to speed with through our meticulously designed workshop!

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In fact, we organise 2 types of Professional Detailing Workshops.

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Professional Detailing Workshop (crash-course) is suitable for those who want to learn but have limited time.

Let’s explore our professional auto detailing training and workshops!
This auto detailing course is suitable for:
• Those who want to improve individuals skills in detailing,
• Business owners (New or existing) who want to improve their detailing service, and to expand their line of services
• Individuals who plan to kick start an auto-detailing business or mobile detailing business

OSREN Professional Detailing Training is organised once every month (mostly), with a limited slot of 10 pax per session. This is to ensure that undivided attention will be given to each individual for a better learning experience.

Guiding students
For more info on dates of the training, head to our Facebook event to find out more.

The Professional Detailing Training is a 2 days event that covers both theory and practical sessions designed to not only instil understanding in detailing but also hands-on to familiarise the how-to sessions where techniques are involved.

The training covers important matters such as:

  1. Understanding chemical decontamination vs mechanical abrasion.
  2. Proper way and steps in detailing a car.
  3. Avoiding common mistakes that will cause the business to lose revenue, trust and reputation.
  4. Understand surfaces, surface defects, and identifying fitting solutions for specific defects or contaminations.
  5. Understand paintwork, paintwork defects, polishing combinations, techniques and cutting combination.
  6. Usage of proper detailing tools to tackle various issues.

Workshop Itinerary
Here’s an outline of the topics of Professional Detailing Workshop that we cover.

For those who are unable to attend the 2 days training, fret not. From time to time, we organise Crash Course on the Professional Detailing Training that covers specific topics too!

It’s a great way to get familiarised with certain topics such as paintwork correction, proper decontaminating steps and methods, interior restoration and many more. Be sure to check out of Facebook event to find out which topic(s) we will be covering.

Teaching Theory
Participants learning about combination of paint correction and achieving desire cutting through products and techniques.

Our Professional Detailing Training requires zero purchase of ANY OSREN’s products as the core of our belief in detailing is to simply grow the community. A good product would sell by itself anyway.

If you wish to know further about our Professional Detailing Training, feel free to drop us a message on or drop us a private message on our Facebook.

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