OSREN NAO 48 & 56 – Quick Guide

We have recently added 2 new additions in OSREN’s Professional lineup and it immediately became a favourite among our users and colleagues!

OSREN’s NAO Quick Cut 48 and OSREN’s NAO Leveler 56 debuted after countless of testing and lab revisions over the years. Both of these products are formulated with clear-coat softeners to maximise the potential of aluminium oxide’s cutting on paintwork.

As paintworks change perpetually, our methods in paintwork approach should also adjust accordingly. Hence, the emergence of NAO Quick Cut 48 and NAO Leveler 56.

NAO Quick Cut 48

What is it?
A quick cutting compound to remove defects on paintwork (paintwork correction).

When do I use it?
When paintwork has severe water spots, deep swirls, scratches and heavy defects. Suitable for moderate defects too.

How do you recommend using it?
NAO Quick Cut 48 is categorised as a ‘compound’, we recommend pairing it with OSREN’s Nano Blue Wool (or any similar cutting pad ie Microfibre Cutting Pad) on a dual-action polisher or rotary polisher.

Can I use it on both soft paint and hard paint?
Yes. NAO Quick Cut 48 is suitable to be used on both soft and hard paint. On soft paint, NAO Quick Cut 48 can be used to remove severe defects before stepping down to your usual Perfect Cut 20 for finishing.

How would you describe the cutting level of NAO Quick Cut 48?
We figured the best way is to demonstrate the cutting ability of NAO Quick Cut 48 in removing 2000 sand grit on hard paint.

Combination: Hurricane 2.0 speed 4 and OSREN’s Nano Blue Wool

Noticed how NAO Quick Cut 48 removes sanding mark quicker? Yet produces near swirl-free finishing on the paintwork.

NAO Leveler 56

What is it?
A levelling abrasive that is intended for orange-peel removal. Suitable to remove severe defects on scratch-resistant paint as well. We categorise it as “Leveler” to avoid confusion as it generally has more cutting ability than most conventional ‘levelling compounds’.

When do I use it?
When paintwork has orange-peel that distorts the reflection of paintwork. NAO Leveler 56 paint is intended to produce a mirror-shine and undistorted reflection.

How do you recommend using it?
Recommend using it to level with a dual-action polisher or rotary with a denim or velvet pad.

Here’s a technical demo video

How is it different from conventional levelling compounds?
The NAO Leveler 56 can be levelled with a dual-action polisher and requires less technical skill to excel in levelling. It is also safer as it relies on aluminium oxide abrasive and clear-coat softeners to perform a gradual and consistent cutting. In other words, it’s less abrasive compared to most conventional ‘levelling compounds’, yet levels better and safer.

It also leaves behind fewer defects and lighter defects that can be easily refined.

The idea of including clear coat softener in our new lineups is to make it more manageable during the paintwork correction process. This means reducing the need to rely on coarser abrasives (by ppm or by the size of abrasive) and allowing for safer removal of clear coat.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us an email at support@osren.com

Till then, happy detailing!

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