How to Restore Clarity to Headlamps

Often, great emphasis are given to headlamps when introspecting a car’s design, it characterise the outlook and eyes of an automotive vehicle. The attention diminishes as time goes by; lights turn dim and headlamps begin to turn hazy. *ahem* new broom sweeps clean*

An oxidised headlamp not only dulls the appearance of a car, it also puts driver at risk (especially rainy days!). Hopefully, by the end of this article, you may learn to restore headlamps the proper way. No, we are not using toothpaste, those are meant for teeth and not for headlamps! Fluorides are subpar to aluminum oxides ^^

Here is a list of what we will be using:
• Sand paper P1500
• Sanding block
Masking tape
OSREN Plastic Head Lamp Polish
Lake Country 100% 4ply Twisted Wool Pad
Lake Country White Polishing Pad
Rotary Polisher
Spray bottle
Microfiber towel

Suffering from cataract?
Here we observe a heavily oxidised headlamp. It has turned yellowish from oxidisation.

Step 1
First, we begin by cleaning and claying the lamp. Much like paintworks, we don’t want to have contamination to get in the way of polishing. A quick wash with shampoo or all purpose cleaner (apc) will suffice.

Rinse after cleaning and wipe dry with a microfiber towel.

Step 2
Safety first! We don’t want to polish any paint we that doesn’t to be corrected. Tape the edges surrounding the headlamp. If needed, lift your bonnet (or hood if you are using American English) to create some gap.

Step 3

Preparation: Soak the sand paper for a minimum of 5 mins prior to sanding.

Spray some water onto the headlamp, sand down the oxidised plastics in back-and-forth method. Apply consistent pressure. Spray more water when necessary.

This method is known as wet-sanding. Water will serve as a lubricant, so keep the headlamps wet.

Look at those oxidised plastic getting removed! Carbonara anyone?

Step 4
Wipe clean with a microfiber towel.

Let dry and inspect. This is where sanding in directional method allows for better inspection. Sanding marks should be even. In the event that you missed out a spot, have the particular area wet-sanded.

This is how an even sanded head lamp should look like.

Step 5

Let’s refine the headlamp with OSREN Head Lamp Polish paired with 100% 4ply twisted wool on a rotary.
Recommended RPM : 1200-1800

Professional at work.

Looks good after first round of polishing!
Don’t stop here, one final polishing step to take it to the next level!

Step 6
Finish it with OSREN Head Lamp Polish + Lake Country White Polishing Pad.
This will enhance the gloss and clarity of your headlamps even more!
Recommended RPM: 1200 – 1500

The final result after wiping down…

Supreme Taco Shine!
For comparison purposes, the left side is untreated while the right headlamp is restored.

From here you may choose to protect with the choice of your products. Wax/sealant/Coating will do too! Don’t forget to wipe down with IPA before applying choice of your product.

Thanks for reading guys and happy detailing!

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