How To Choose The Right Compound For Polishing?

When it comes to polishing, in particular choosing the right polishing compound may seem to be confusing for many. That is because different paints have different hardness and it requires the right combination of pad and polish abrasive to refine the paintwork.

Often, this can be confusing as the possibilities are countless. To ease in choosing the right abrasives, we simplified our formulation in accordance to paint hardness.

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Identifying Paint Hardness

Hard paints usually have the following characteristics:

  • Difficult to remove a scratch
  • Aggressive compound seems to have a little effect on removing swirls
  • Easier to finish or refine to a swirl and hologram-free state

While soft paints have the following characteristics:

  • Easy to remove a scratch
  • Does not require an aggressive polishing combination to remove swirls
  • Micro-swirls and holograms are often found even after polishing
  • Paints are very sensitive to polish abrasive. Requires refining with less cutting combination to produce a flawless finish.

Regardless of hard paint or soft paint, we have the perfect solution to these paints!

Hard Paint Abrasive

Nao Compound 46

Nao Compound is an abrasive formulated to remove heavy swirls and defects and to refine micro-swirls or holograms that are found after the initial compounding stage.

Yes, you read it right. The same compound abrasive that is formulated to compound (remove heavy swirls and defects) and to refine (polish/refine) leftover defects from the initial compounding stage.

To adjust cutting ability or level, simply switch to a different pad. Pair the Nao Compound 46 with an aggressive pad (ie: Blue Nano Wool) to remove heavy swirls and defects.

While to achieve swirl-free finishing, simply switch over to a lesser pad such as the Polishing Foam Disc -link or Finishing Foam Disc with the same compound of Nao Compound 46 to remove any leftover defects from the compounding stage


In fact, for many hard paintworks, one-step polishing can be achieved with the Nao Compound 46 paired with the Nano Blue Wool and result in a swirl-free finishing.

Soft Paint Abrasive

We all know that polishing soft and sticky paint can be challenging. Double the frustration if it is a soft and sticky black paint. *Ahem, Vtec!* It just seems to be impossible to refine the paint to a swirl-free finish!

Perfect Cut 20 is the perfect solution to remove swirls and finishing down to a swirl and hologram-free finishing. Similarly, change of pads is all that is required to adjust the aggressiveness of the cutting.

For removal of swirls, we recommend the Blue Nano Wool paired with Perfect Cut 20.

For refining and finishing touches, we recommend the White Polishing Foam Disc or Black Finishing Foam Disc paired with Perfect Cut 20.

If you have dealt with the polishing residue being difficult to buff-off from the panel, OSREN’s Perfect Cut 20 is the solution to go with.

For more tutorial on polishing soft and sticky paintwork, watch the video below:

To address a common question asked by many: Is there a need to first compound with a compound abrasive and follow up with a less aggressive polish abrasive?


Pads and abrasives are used interchangeably to adjust cutting. With our formulation, more often than not, a change of pad is all that is required to adjust cutting on paintwork.

At OSREN, our abrasive formulation is based on paintwork. It is unconventional, however, it makes it easy when choosing the right abrasive for paint correction. Our formulation keeps it simple and effortless.

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