Detailing Seminar 2016 – Johor Bahru


Last week we had a detailing seminar carried out in Johor Bahru, organized by U Yee Marketing and we were invited to do a presentation and demonstration on paintwork polishing.

We did 2 sessions, one conducted in Chinese and the other, in Bahasa Malaysia.


Day 1


We started the session with theories on things that matters in polishing. Here we explained about what are the defects that we face and how we go about choosing the right tools and product combination for the right job.

After a short break, we went on with the practical session by doing a product demo and allowing hands on time for some of the participants.



One of the participants checking the results

OSREN NAO Compund 46 #polishthatworks

Posted by OSREN on Wednesday, April 20, 2016



Hands on time for the participants with our latest L15 DA Polisher

And the results!!


Day 2


Day 2 was conducted in Bahasa Malaysia and the crowd was much larger. Like yesterday, we brought the participants through a theory on how polishing works and then hands on time!


One of the participants was really eager to find out about our products and he gladly volunteered his car to be the first demo car for the session. And here I am leveling orange peel and correcting this repainted orange Toyota Vios.


Results were inspected to see if defects are really removed or not.

And we bought in another car for further product demonstration on soft paint which I had to finish it with a DA polisher.



That’s all we had for two days. We hope everyone got an info or more about polishing and put it to good use. Thanks to Mr. Sunny from U Yee Marketing to organize this and thanks to all participants for taking part and making it a lively seminar.



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