Auto Detailing Clinic for Team Hyundai Malaysia 27th March 2011

I received a call in February from Team Hyundai Malaysia to organize an auto detailing clinic for the club members. The main goal was to introduce what auto detailing is about and how it is done. I agreed to it and so after weeks of head cracking, here we are, gathered at OSREN Kuala Lumpur Main HQ on a cool and relaxed Saturday morning.

The event started out with a theory session by me, covering the following topics:
• What is Auto Detailing
• How do you detail a car
• Detailing science

After the theory session, we headed downstairs.


I began the demo by hosing down the car. This is done to remove loose dirt and dust off.

That’s our Bubble n Wax shampoo dilution with the Lake Country Big Blue. I apologize for the not so clean bucket, but the inside and the solution is definitely clean!!

Demonstrating the 2 bucket wash method

After cleaning the body, I moved on to the rims.

Featuring our latest 2011 product, Degreaser FX and the various tools used to ease rim cleaning

With the wheels done, attention is turned back to the paintwork and it was as rough as sandpaper! Osren’s Magic Cloth is used to smoothen the surface. This is a very important step if you want to achieve excellent slickness and smoothness from your paintwork.

The car is then dried and driven into the detailing bay.

This is where the halogen lamp revealed the shocking surface condition to the club members.


My weapon of choice for this approach, the DIY way was the Dodo Juice Das 6 Buff Daddy paired with Lake Country’s White Polishing Pad and OSREN Perfect Cut 2.0 light cut polish.

After a single pass or two, the surface is then protected with OSREN Emerald Classic paste wax.

And the results?

Remember what it used to look like?

The paint was feeling really smooth and slick. It is also repelling water nicely, as compared to the right hand side where water sticks to the paint, indicating a lack of protection (not waxed).

After the demo, we went back upstairs for lunch. Guess what! Domino’s Pizzaaaaa (~one three hundred triple three, triple eight ~).

We also gave out free testers (purple Degreaser FX, orange Bubble n Wax, green Metawax, white Tire Shine LV and small white tub, Emerald Classic Paste Wax).

After lunch

Professional Detailers’ Trade Secrets REVEALED!!!

I decided to show them how the highest shine possible is achieved using professional tools and techniques.

Before that, let’s take a look on the condition of the bonnet.
The bonnet had swirls, watermark etchings, heavy orange peel, you name it!!

The 1st step: Rotary Sanding

I began levelling the paint with the velvet pad and Perfect Forty 40 combo. This is done to reduce the orange peel found on the paint surface.

Mr. Heng, the founder of Osren, is explaining how to see the difference in the reflection of the ceiling’s straight fluorescent light tubes. The straighter it is, the less orange peel it has, the sharper the reflection, the greater the gloss, the happier the clients are!!

“Are you sure you can get that straight?”

“You bet!”

The 2nd step: Refining

After compounding it, I change the combo to Lake Country’s 4ply 100% Twisted Wool and Crystal Cut 3.0 to refine the swirl marks left by the rotary sanding stage.

The 3rd step: Polishing

The final stage of surface preparation will be to remove micro swirls and holograms left behind and polishing it to high gloss. Product-pad combo was Perfect Cut 2.0 and Lake Country’s white polishing pad via the Dodo Juice DAS 6 DA Polishier.

The 4th step: Wax

After polishing to perfection, the paintwork is then coated with OSREN Emerald Classic Paste Wax.

The results:

Before (Fluorescent tube reflection-blur)

After (Fluorescent tube-clear)

Before (Spot light-Defected)

After (Spot light-Defect free)

Before (Spot light close up-blur)

After (Spot light close up-clear)

Before (Paint surface close up, moon crater)

After (Paint surface close up, clear universe!)

Kudos mate!!!

The rest of the car is then completed.

Here I am, applying the Tyre Shine LV. A well detailed ride is incomplete without the tyres being bling bling!

Hands-on by the owner of this Hyundai Elantra 4th Generation HD.

Big thanks to Team Hyundai Malaysia for attending the clinic. I do hope that this clinic will influence the club members to keep their ride clean and shinny!

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