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System 3000 Pas Washer (DA)
Product code: L90-3000

System 3000 Pad Washer by Lake Country USA is a patented pad-cleaning unit that cleans and dries pads while they’re attached to a dual-action polisher. The entire cleaning process takes place inside a bucket so there’s no mess, only a completely clean pad.
To clean the pad

  1. Fill up the bucket with clean water. You may include cleaning solution such as OSREN’s Fabric Cleaner or OSREN’s MultiCleaner.
  2. Attach used pad onto the dual-action polisher.
  3. Open the lid and place polisher with the pad while pressing down the wash plate in pumping motion to draw clean water.
  4. Power on the dual-action polisher on low speed settings and agitate the pad on the wash plate gently.
  5. Power off the polisher, open the lid and check if pad is clean. Repeat process if necessary.

To dry the pad

  1. Open the lid and place polisher with the pad in it without the pad touching the wash plate.
  2. Close the lid and power on the dual action polisher. (This will sling off all access into the pail without circulating cleaning solutions)
  3. Spin it for about 20-30 secs.
  4. Open the lid and remove the polisher.
  5. Pad should feel 95% dry, repeat process if pads are still damp.

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