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Rinseless Pro
Product code: C-RP-191 / C-RP-491

A multi-purposed detailing solution that can be concocted into rinseless wash solution, quick detailer and clay lube.

Formulated with dirt encapsulator, it works alongside the lubricative polymers to reduce abrasion during the cleaning process and produces sleekier finish on various exterior surfaces. Designed for ease of cleaning and for a quick shine with a minimal amount of water.

Features and Functions:

Rinseless Wash solution: For cleaning with a minimal or restricted amount of water.

Quick Detailer: To remove light dusting and droppings on paint. Double as a quick clean and shine solution in between washes.

Clay Lube: To provide adequate lubrication on paint to reduce clay marring on paint.


Rinseless Wash Solution - 1:400
Quick Detailer - 1:32
Clay Lub - 1:100

Available Size:
- 1 Litres
- 4 Litres

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