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Super Strength Industrial Hand Gel
Product code: I-SS-6049 (20Kg) / I-SS-6039 (5Kg) / I-SS-6029 (2.5Kg) / I-SS-6059 (500g)

A versatile industrial-grade hand cleaning gel that cleans stubborn grease, grime, dirt and printing ink. Contains natural biodegradable solution that is easy on most skin and has the ability to disinfect bacteria. Formulated with lanolin to ensure that hand remains soft and smooth after each use.

- Removes stubborn oil and grease, grime, dirt and inks on hands.
- No irritation and gentle on skin and hands.
- pH balanced
- Enviroment friendly
- Anti bacteria

Available Sizes:

- 500g
- 2.5kg
- 5kg
- 20kg

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