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Degreaser FX
Product code: C-DFX-477 (4L) / C-DFX-2077 (20L)

Unlike harsh soda based degreasers which bleaches the surface, OSREN’s Degreaser FX is engineered to clean the toughest grease effectively and is easily rinsed off reducing streaking and discoloration. It also comes in a mild citrus fragrance to provide better working environment for technicians and car owners.

- 1 : 1 for heavy degreasing (1 part Degreaser FX to 1 part water)

- 1 : 4 for regular degreasing (1 part Degreaser FX to 4 parts water)

- 1 : 10 for mild degreasing and chrome surfaces (1 part Degreaser FX to 10 parts water)

Available Sizes:
- 4 litres
- 20 litres

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