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OSREN’s NAO Quick Cut 48 is waterbased rapid-cutting compound that is designed to remove defects rapidly without imparting heavy compounding marks on paintwork.

Formulated to be versatile in its cutting ability, NAO Quick Cut 48 can be paired with wool, microfibre or any foam cutting pad. Capable of removing deep swirls, scratches etchings, oxidation and other tough defects.

Works great on all gloss paintworks and scratch-resistant clear-coat.

Features & Functions: 

- Removes heavy defects without scouring paintwork

- Eliminate acid rain etchings, deep swirls, scratches and oxidation

- Waterbased formulation

Cut Level: 11/10 

Gloss Level: 7.5/10

Available Sizes: 

- 1 litre

- 300ml

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