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Transform your cool water high pressure cleaner into a super foam sprayer, just plug an trigger!

By dispensing your car shampoo with OSREN Foam lance, you’ll get a thick fluffy foamed car shampoo clinging on your car. These clingy foam will optimize the dirt & grime encapsulation properties of your car shampoo to give you a cleaner, safer car wash.

OSREN Foam Lance comes with a 1 litre canister and is compatible with a wide range of adapters to suit different makes of cool water high pressure cleaners.

Each unit comes with the following:
1. 1 litre OSREN canister with measuring scale
2. 25c Rubber dip tube with filter
3. Roll of PTFE tape

Available adapters:
- Karcher HD Series
- Karcher K Series (Code No: CH-FLAKAR-K)
- Bosch (Code No: CH-FLA-BOSCH)
- Hitachi (Code No: CH-FLA-HITACHI)
- Black & Decker (Code No: CH-FLA-B&D)