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Perfect Finish 8
Product code: 108 (1kg)

Light Cut Glaze

Holograms, also known as very light swirl marks, are what you would normally get after the polishing step. Hence you will need a glaze, some would also call it a fine/mild polish, to follow up and remove these light imperfections.

OSREN Perfect Finish 8 Light Cut Glaze is made with fine abrasives and waterbased solvents which easily removes fine imperfections such as marrings, holograms, embedded stains and blemishes on paintworks.

Features & Functions:
Eliminates holograms, marrings, light scratches and P3000 or finer sanding marks.

Cut Level: 4/10
Gloss Level: 9/10

Available Sizes:
- 1 kg

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