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NAO Polish 36
Product code: C-NPC436 (4L) / C-NP-136 (1L) / C-NP-0336 (300ml)
What is N.A.O. Abrasive?

N.A.O. stands for Nanomized Aluminium Oxides.

N.A.O abrasives uses raw aluminium oxides that is chemically refined to be molecularly smaller and sharper than it’s original size. N.A.O enables each abrasive to abrade more while leaving behind an absolute fine finishing.

Waterbased Polish

Engineered with N.A.O. abrasives for rapid cutting and absolute finishing. OSREN NAO Polish 36 is a waterbased, low dusting polish that will rapidly polish off scratches, swirls, acid rain etching and other paint defects while leaving behind a clean and absolute fine finishing. Our fastest cutting polish with the best finishing and suitable for all gloss paintwork!

Features & Functions:
Enginereed with Nanomized Aluminium Oxides for minimal dusting. Refining polish designed to eliminate swirls, waterstains, other paint defects and  P1500 grit or finer sanding marks.

Cut Level: 9/10
Gloss Level: 9/10

Available Sizes:
- 4 litres
- 1 litre
- 300ml

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