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Blue Nano Wool
Product code: L-HYB-140 (140mm) / L-HYB-80-1

Made with a hybrid blend of both foam and wool through a patented nanofoam process, the Blue Nano Wool is designed to remove swirls and heavy defects. Its patented nanofoam is capable of maintaining its consistency in performance, and outlast natural sheepskin pads. Greatly reduces compound hazing and temperature on paintwork.

Function: To remove swirls and other defects such as compounding marks, oxidisation and water stains.

Features & Benefits :

  1. High Performance: Cuts like wool but finishes like foam. Aggressively removes heavy swirls yet leaving a lustrous finish with no hazing by reducing compounding swirls.
  2. Dense Body: Foaming process creates minute air pockets at the base of these fibers, which improves cushioning and retention of compounds and polishes.
  3. Minimal Linting: Foaming process locks in the lambswool fibers, significantly reducing linting.

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