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3.5” 4ply 100% Twisted Wool Pad
Product code: 41-003

Lake Country’s Wool Pad is made from high grade wool and each strand is tightly twisted, allowing the pad to stay at a consistent level of aggression for longer operation. Choose from a shorter pile for most aggressive polishing and a thicker pile for aggressive polishing and longer durability.


  1. Eliminates P1200 or finer sanding marks.
  2. Refines heavy swirl marks, oxidations and etchings.
  3. Perfect for spot repair works (ie: A-Pillars, bumpers, headlamps or other small areas).

Specification: 3.5” Diameter x 0.75” Pile

Attachment Method: Hook and Loop (recommended via 3” Backing Plate, order number PU0775)

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