How to remove (clean off) polish and wax residue on unpainted plastic and rubber trims

Forgotten to tape off exterior unpainted plastic and rubber trims? Having a hard time to remove dried wax and polish on it?

Well fret no more as we’ll reveal the most economical way of doing so. (But of course, always remember to tape up next time!!)

Anyway, let’s take a look at the condition,

Wax Residue

Well, this has been left on for a couple of months before I decide to document this. Anyway, as you can see polish residue has stained the unpainted plastic trim of this Proton Saga BLM 1.3l

Now, what you’ll need to rectify it is…………..


*Tada!! 20 cent tool called an eraser.

Use it and scrub it like this

Scrubbing off wax residue

And this is what you’ll get!

clean trim

*the longer the wax or polish residues are left on, the longer it takes to scrub off. Fresh ones comes off very easily

Next, you might want to put some trim dressing on it to make it look brand new. And here what I’d use,


Give it a good shake before using

Giving a good shake

Pour a drop or two onto a small foam applicator

Pouring Reblack onto foam applicator

Give the foam applicator a light squeeze to even out the product

Squeeze foam applicator to even out product

Apply an even coat over the trim (a small drop goes a long way, you wanna apply it as evenly as possible to avoid high low spots which will look unsightly)

Apply Reblack on trim

Applying the rest of the trim

End result

And the end results!

Happy detailing!!

Henry Heng
Senior Technician


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