Proper Car Cleaning Technique

Two Bucket Wash

The Two Bucket Wash technique is done to prevent dirt, dust and grime from transferring back to the car. It is also a safer wash method that greatly reduces the chance of wash marrings and unwanted scratches.

Wash Marring

Wash Marrings, you don’t want it on your car
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To begin with, you would need two clean buckets (Bucket A and Bucket B), a wash medium (eg: washing sponge, microfiber wash mitt or lambswool wash mitt, etc), a good car shampoo that is pH neutral such as OSREN Bubble & Wax and clean water

Washing Tools

Firstly, fill up bucket A with clean water.

Clean Water

Then mix 100ml of Bubble & Wax with approximately 5 liters of water (this is enough to wash most sedan sized vehicle) into Bucket B.

Bubble & Wax Solution


Bucket A = Water Bucket

Bucket B = Solution Bucket

Next, rinse entire vehicle to remove loose contaminants.

Rinsing the car

Rinsing Close-Up

Rinsing the side of the car

After that,

1. Dip your wash medium into Bucket B (Solution Bucket) and glide it across the paintwork with mild pressure (Remember the cleaning comes from the car shampoo solution and NOT FROM SCRUBBING, the wash medium is like the carrier)

Dipping Wash Medium into Solution Bucket

Gliding Wash Medium

2. When it feels less smooth as you glide your wash medium, you’ll know that you’re holding less soap. What you do now is to dip your wash medium into Bucket A (Water Bucket) and rinse off the contaminants picked up previously.

Rinse off contaminants

3. After that, re-dip the rinsed wash medium into Bucket B (Solution Bucket) and clean the next area.

Dip into Solution bucket again

Repeat these steps till you’ve soaped up the whole car. It is normally recommended to start cleaning from top to bottom so the dirt and grime do not go back up.

Finally rinse the car clean with water and dry it with a proper towel.

Rinse the car

Rinsing off the solution

Drying the car

Drying car


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